Furniture for creative people

Design and build furniture according to your current needs


A few simple parts – thousands of ways of putting them together.


JoKit is made of a combination of quality spruce timber and a sturdy aluminium alloy joint. It is uniquely crafted and will last for years.


Do you no longer have any use for your set of shelves? Then put it apart and turn it into a bed, hanging sofa or a coffee table.


A simple building kit

With JoKit you can build beds, desks, sofas, shelves, bespoke combinations…

Whatever you need at the moment.

How does JoKit work?

Find out in the video below.

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JoKit’s main advantages


Do you move house often? It will only take you minutes to take JoKit furniture apart and you will definitely not need any expensive removal services.


JoKit furniture is simple and simply beautiful. Ideally suited to loft apartments, student rooms, children’s rooms and modern interiors.


Thanks to quality materials and craftsmanship, JoKit will last for years. You won’t have to keep buying new furniture, just “recycling” the existing one.


JoKit is playful. Remember your childhood: building blocks and kits, lego… Why not play again. The upcoming web app will enable you to put individual parts together and see the result first.

Do you like JoKit? Do you want to participate in developing it further?

Whether you are in furniture business, have experience in developing applications, investing in startups or doing anything else, just get in touch.

What matters is our enthusiasm for a common cause. We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities of cooperation. CONTACT

I want to buy JoKit

As we are looking for further expansion options, only limited custom production is available at the moment. Any ideas on how you could help us? Please get in touch..

If you want to buy JoKit now, we will try our best to meet your needs.


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What our fans and customers say about us

We are glad that our idea of putting together your own piece of furnitre / furniture set has caught your attention. Would you like to share your thoughts?

„I like that JoKit is creative, variable and that one can build many different pieces of furniture from it.“

Marie F.

English language tutor

„Ornament is a sin! I really like the close to purely functionalist modesty of JoKit. Moreover, it is not consumer goods like that plywood which is everywhere and falls apart within a few months.“

Michael Vidura

Graphic Designer

„What I like about JoKit is that there’s no “but” for me. Its purity of shape and material perfectly meets my requirements for aesthetics and simplicity. If I like something this way, I want to keep it in my life which in this case is very easy – JoKit is sustainable, variable and can change shape according to my needs.“

Anna A.

A big lover of small things

Who we are

People around JoKit

Josef Kučinský

Product Design

Marta Ptáčková

Marketing, Business Development


We are open to your questions and ideas. And so is JoKit.